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Clover Power Station hosts Halifax County IDA meeting

A tour of Clover Power Station highlighted the Halifax County Industrial Development Authority meeting Friday morning as the power plant hosted the board’s July meeting.

Before taking a tour of the facility, authority board members unanimously re-elected the same slate of officers to serve another one-year term.

Members Mattie Cowan and Chris Lumsden did not attend the meeting.

Re-elected as chairman was John Cannon, Butch Blanks as vice-chairman and Garland Ricketts as secretary/treasurer.

Also approved Friday morning was a $2,459,505 budget for 2013-14.

Included in budget revenues are the following:

• $71,913 from Riverstone Building Two

 $451,334 from Riverstone Building One

 $30,850 from the Industrial Park

 $13,370 from Broad Street property

 $141,333 from Greens Folly Road property

 $38,400 from Flex Tech income

 $1,192,320 from ABB expansion revenue

 $519,986 from other revenue

A break down of budget expenses includes the following:

 $260,504 in payroll expense

 $85,174 in fringe benefits

 $51,310 for administrative and general expenses

 $71,000 for prospect development/visitation

 $2,700 for website, branding, logo build-out

 $5,500 for public relations

 $14,100 for Riverstone Technology Park

 $19,765 for Riverstone Building Two

 $571,121 for Riverstone Building One

 $18,000 for Broad Street property

 $28,000 for Motorplex (Day Site)

 $150 for Halifax County Industrial Park

 $1,198,800 for ABB expansion

 $100 for Southside Virginia Community College Truck Driver School

 $52,061 for Industrial Park Drive

 $53,500 for Greens Folly Road

 $3,000 for Flex Tec

 $16,000 for legal services

 $6,220 for real estate other

 $2,500 for site professional services

After adopting the budget for the coming year, authority board members also approved a new and improved employee manual that had previously been called a policy and procedure manual.

The changes in the employee manual become effective immediately, Executive Director Matt Leonard said.

The goals of implementing the new employee manual was for “simplification, increased production, fairness to stakeholders, and to offer a legal update” according to Leonard who outlined some of the employee manual changes for board members Friday.

Changes include a reduction in designated holidays from 12 to eight, elimination of additional holidays as declared by the governor, simplification of leave accrual steps from six to one and simplification of leave classifications and schedules from six to two.

Other changes include reduction in compensable leave from 42 days to 30 days for annual leave and from a maximum payment of $5,000 to $0 for medical leave.

Reduction in accruable leave changed from a maximum of 54 days to 30 days and from a maximum of unlimited medical leave to 12 days.

Newly added are a leave bank and an updated legal review to conform with current laws.

At the conclusion of the meeting, authority board members adopted a resolution commending the Clover Power Station for almost two decades of operation while employing 130-150 people.

Authority Chairman John Cannon presented the framed resolution to Christie Neller, station manager.

Neller said the plant recently was recognized as the best median size coal- powered plant in the nation and received the Operational Excellence Award.

Co-owned by Dominion and ODEC, the Clover Power Station was built in the early 1990s and serves 2.4 million customers.