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Bottled water industry creates jobs in Halifax County

Halifax County companies that manufacture, distribute and sell bottled water products, and their suppliers, are an important part of the state’s economy, according to Robert Smith, CEO of Grand Springs in Alton.

Manufacturers of bottled water, along with the companies that sell and distribute these products, provide good-paying jobs in the county and pay significant amounts in tax to the local, state and the federal governments, he added.

According to Smith, the bottled water industry accounts for 30 direct jobs in Halifax County, and 57 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries for a total of 87 jobs paying $5,420,306 in wages annually.

Annually an average of $60,184 is paid in wages and benefits for a job currently generated by the bottled water industry in Halifax County, he said.

In 2011 the bottled water industry was responsible for as much as $10.3 million in total economic activity in the county.

“The broader economic impact flows throughout the economy, generating business for firms seemingly unrelated to bottled water. Real people, with real jobs, working in industries as varied as banking, retail, accounting, metalworking and even printing all depend on the bottled water industry for their livelihood,” Smith said.