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Customers get taste of ‘good ole times’

Riverdale Dairy Dell on Bill Tuck Highway in South Boston took customers back in time “to the good ole days” on Valentine’s Day Thursday when it offered three hot dogs for 99 cents.

Dozens pulled up to the Dairy Dell window for hot dogs and a quick trip down memory lane.

Many customers reminisced of a time when hot dogs were cheaper as they stood in line waiting for their tasty treats.

“Back in the 80s I used to get hot dogs two or three times a week especially on the weekends. My mom would always bring my brother and me over here to get hot dogs,” said Charlene Carrington of Scottsburg.

South Boston resident Joanne Jackson said, “I do remember when hot dogs were cheaper, and I enjoyed it. It’s a good deal. Everything has gone up so much nowdays. It’s nice that they are doing this.” 

Annie Wilborne of South Boston said she also enjoyed it when hot dogs were cheaper. Although she lives in the county and didn’t get over town very often to get one, ever since she could remember Dairy Dell has had great hot dogs.

“I remember when they used to be two for a dollar. I would get hot dogs twice a week,” said Edna Hershman of Halifax.

South Boston resident Carolyn Wazeka remembers when she attended Cluster Springs in the 50s and was able to get a hot dog, chips and a bottle of Coke for 26 cents.

“You could go out with your boyfriend, and you and your boyfriend could both eat for 50 cents. Those were the good days. It was much better than it is now,” South Boston resident Kitty White added.