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New Dollar General brings growth potential to town

The new Dollar General located at the corner of Highway 360 and L. P. Bailey Memorial Highway in the Town of Halifax will host its grand opening and ribbon cutting Saturday at 10 a.m. 

The community is excited about what the new store brings to the town.

According to Town Manager Carl Espy, the new Dollar General offers a big boost to the ongoing revitalization efforts under way in the downtown and commercial approach areas, both physically and economically. 

The new store, located in the Banister Town neighborhood and within the town’s Northern Gateway, has been designed by the developers aesthetically to meet the town’s ordinances and design guidelines.

“It demonstrates that new commercial buildings can be constructed within a company’s budget while promoting the business brand and respecting the local architectural character of an historic community,” Espy said. 

“In his book, ‘Better Models for Development in Virginia,’ author Ed McMahon states the Urban Land Institute studies have shown that by respecting local character, having an attractive, clean and inviting business operation increases revenues for the developer up to 15 percent,” the town manager said. 

The new store is in a great location to draw business into Banister Town serving county customers along with town residents, and it allows for people living close by in the neighborhood the opportunity to walk and shop, he added.

“I also think the store will help increase customer traffic for all of our existing businesses on Main Street and up Spencer Hill,” Espy said. “There will be more people on the payroll in town, and that can help our area merchants, restaurants and banks.”

Espy noted while sales revenues will be shared among all the localities through the state formula, having a new retail chain will significantly increase the total BPOL sum from all businesses in town keeping the town rate very low and competitive, and the same will be true for the town’s real estate revenue. 

“Most people I talk to have observed the same thing I have even before the grand opening of the new store, and that is as more customers come to town for Dollar General, they are passing by town businesses up and down the Highway 501 commercial corridor,” Espy said. “I see more foot traffic and bicycle use along Main Street and through our neighborhoods.”

This can only increase exposure for existing merchants and service professionals helping to bring more business to them, which in turn will make living and working in the historic county seat even more appealing, Espy added.



Dollar General is a U. S. chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Its mission is to serve others by keeping things real and simple.

•  The Company was founded in 1939 by J. L. Turner and Cal Turner as J. L. Turner and Son wholesale in Scottsville Kentucky

• In 1955 Turner Department store in Springfield, Kentucky was converted to the first Dollar General store with no item over $1.

• In 1968 Dollar General became a public company.

• In 1977 Cal Turner Jr. became president of Dollar General

• In 1983 Dollar General acquired 280 stores from P. N. Hirsh Division of Interco Inc.

• In 1985 Dollar General acquired 206 stores and a warehouse from Eagle Family Discount Stores.

•In 1989 Dollar General celebrated its 50th anniversary with 1,300 stores in 23 states and more than 7,000 employees

• In 1997 Dollar General opened a distribution center in South Boston

• In 2007 Dollar General went private after being acquired by affiliates of the private equity firm, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company, L.P.

• In 2012 Dollar General opened its 10,000th store in Merced, California.