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Radio host touts community, commitment, compassion

Community, commitment and compassion were topics radio host of the “Jack Gravely Show” shared with those attending the 33rd annual program and report of the Halifax County Community Federal Credit Union held at the Washington-Coleman Community Center Friday evening. 

Jack Gravely of Petersburg, a “well-known veteran broadcaster” who has hosted his own show for 15 years, seemed to come on a mission to have members of the Federal Credit Union to instill the type of hard work in which one does not wait for something to happen but chooses to make it happen. 

While using personal anecdotes of times when his family showed him the importance of getting up every morning and working hard for what they had, he kept the audience engaged and entertained. 

He spoke of Sunday dinners in his parents’ home where his family was expected to be at the dinner table at a certain time, and if Gravely or one of his siblings were late, he or she had to recite a Bible verse. For him, that showed commitment. 

Gravely said we live with a generation of students who come home from college and say, “I can’t find a job.”

 “Instead of you both holding hands standing in the living room crying, tell your child to go and make you a job,” said Gravely. 

Using the line often heard from parents, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” he encouraged everyone who parents to teach their children not only about working hard but about how businesses work and about saving money and how banks, checkbooks and loans work. 

The radio host continued telling parents they need to show their children the community is there to teach them along the way as they commit to making their life better and to show them the compassion it takes to “pay it forward” to those who need help while never expecting anything in return. 

“If we never provide a moral compass, many will never find it,” said Gravely in his closing remarks. 

“We need to show the young folk how to get into business. If we never expose them, show them, they’ll never know. They have to start somewhere.

“If they fail, they have the right to fail, but we need to expose and push and encourage them in business and economic development.” 

These words of wisdom came after the Federal Credit Union members enjoyed a buffet dinner.

Board Chairman William E. Coleman welcomed everyone to the 33rd annual membership meeting and banquet saying, “You will be pleased to know that your board of directors continues to work diligently to fulfill its governance responsibilities and to provide direction for this valuable financial institution.” 

In addition to the chairman, members of the board of directors, attending the meeting included Secretary Morris Bryant and Director Mary Jane Collie. 

President/CEO Rev. William J. Coleman also attended along with honored guest, South Boston Mayor Ed Owens.  

Following the dinner, the treasurer’s annual report was given.

The report stated the total income as of February 2014 is $20,740, total expenses equal $20,976, and net income is $235. 

The total income as of Jan. 1 to date is $42,653, total expenses are $40,427, and net income equals $2,226. 

The total amount of assets equals $6,762,176, and the total amount of liabilities and member equity equals $6,762,176. 

As of February, the Federal Credit Union has 5,296 active members. 

A total of 9,598 loans have been made with the total amount of loans equaling $19,941,068. 

Federal Credit Union members also elected new board of director members and credit committee members. 

Elected to the board of directors were Morris Bryant, Hank Bruining, William E. Coleman, Freddie Jeffress Jr. and Field Thomas Jr. The board of director members each serve two-year terms. 

Silvana Hailey and Deloris Suitt were elected to serve one term on the credit committee, and Angela Hupp was elected as an alternate. Credit committee members serve a one-year term.  

The Federal Credit Union members also participated in a raffle winning items donated by businesses including gift certificates from 501 Nail Spa, Frutopia Frozen Yogurt, Green’s Folly Golf Course, Express Care Auto Service and Enchanted Surroundings, dog treats from Sunshine Mills, a toy truck from Dollar General and several gift bags donated by Presto.