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High School theater department to present new version of stage classic

What do you get when you take the world’s favorite fairy tale, add two wild old Cajun women and maybe an alligator or two?  It would seem to be the most fun evening a family can have together. The Halifax County High School Theatre department is about to find out as they present a new version of “Cinderella” by Craig W. Stump. 

This play features the traditional prince, King, Queen, mean step mother, step sisters, and lovely young heroine, but it also has a comic flair that is a welcome addition. 

The story is narrated by a pair of very old and wickedly funny Louisiana ladies who will have audiences laughing in every scene.  

Director Greg Donner said, “The narrators are what make this version of the story unique and refreshing. Adults will find them to be the best part of the show.” 

The story tellers are played by veteran actresses Jordan Carr and Kayleigh Long. Both have been active on stage for years and have appeared in shows both at the school and with organizations at The Prizery.

Younger playgoers will be looking for the familiar rags to riches fare and will not be disappointed, as Emily Slayton fills the title role as the most deserving girl to ever find her prince and of course a “happy ever after ending.” 

Every damsel needs a charming gentleman to sweep her off her feet, and Jason Fitts fills the bill nicely. The pair also comes to the stage with a number of productions on their resumes, beginning with children’s theatre productions with Halifax County Little Theatre and previous high school and Prizery productions. 

Cinderella would never be the favorite it is without the lady who has given the title “step-mother” a bad name for centuries. The character is played by Alishia Ewell, who has been in nearly every school production for the past four years. She of course needs some younger stepsister counterparts who are played by Amber Harris and Katie Holland. The trio plays the parts for laughs, but there is enough malice to make Cinderella a sympathetic figure. 

As in all versions of Cinderella, there is the wonderful fairy godmother, and this version is no different.  Senior Jessica Hinds takes on the role with athleticism and comic flair.  She just might have a little bit of magic in her. Jessica is a four-year veteran of the theatre department also.  

Of course Cinderella’s plight is completely opposite of the life led by the prince and his parents. 

The castle entourage includes Mackenzie Gibson and Carly Hoskins as the King and Queen, and Kaitlyn Hinds, Sydney Cash, Sydney Little, Shakiyra Jeffreys and Sarah Brogden. 

From the King down to the Royal Valet, the royal household is always supportive of the prince in his quest for true love. They can provide a few good laughs and throw a ball at a moment’s notice. 

Filling out the cast is a group of animals who help Cinderella get through the day and even assist in preparations for a formal evening with the prince. The roles are filled with some newcomers to the stage who are learning fast. There are mice, as well as a cat and dog who are Cinderella’s only friends. The animals are played by Alyssa Wilmouth, RaeAnn Inman, Sara Noblin, Ade’ Tate and Kaitlynn Hinds.

The final role in the play is assumed by newcomer Amber Roane, who is featured as the young Cinderella in a happier time in her life, BS (before stepmother). 

The show opens on Friday night, March 14, at 7:30 p.m. and continues the following evening at the same time. A Saturday morning matinee is also planned for 10 a.m. on March 15. All tickets are only $5. Families can plan an outing that is entertaining for everyone and still keep on a budget. Put this special event on the calendar for a classic story with some modern laughs.