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Every sport ever covered in Little Theatre’s winter comedy

“This show is absolutely hilarious and filled with all kinds of humor, from slap stick to witty quips to subtle humor; this play has it all,” said Director Mike Freshour.

“Halifax County Little Theatre has done some of the ‘abridged’ plays in the past, and we were looking through some for this year’s productions. This show was really appealing because it gives one a chance to stop taking everything so seriously and just have fun.”

The cast of three goes for it, bringing the punch lines, the costume changes, the broad assortment of props in the form of sports equipment and setting the pace for non-stop laughter.

“The way the play is written allows us to use the actors’ real names,” Freshour explained. “Sandy Slayton is the bookish intellectual that has an amazingly analytical approach to sports; Paul Streeter is the former jock with detailed inside information about sports which he is unable to articulate, and Jeremy Duffer plays the telegenic eye candy. “

Sounds like a good recipe for an evening at The Prizery, even for those of us who aren’t usually sports fans,

“If you are not a sports fan, you will love this show anyway. There is not one aspect of any sport that this show doesn’t make fun of or twist around.  Plus it is very educational; you can learn what NASCAR really stands for while learning whether it is a sport or a game.  Same thing with golf and Candyland,” said Freshour.  

“Also, this show covers every sport ever played in the entire world from the beginning of time until now.  Did you know cavemen actually invented baseball?  It’s true, you can look it up.  Add in a couple of dancing scenes, singing (which would actually make this a musical comedy), and live demonstrations of hurling, curling, extreme curling and even cheese chasing, and you non-sports lovers will find that this show is really for you.  

“The writing is excellent and really sets up some fantastic jokes.  I mean, with references to Clint Eastwood asking if you “feel lucky” and Vulcans and Klingons playing baseball, how can it not be funny?  You ever see a Klingon try to hit a baseball with a bat’leth?  That is some funny stuff.  Ever think you’d see Benny Hill and the Olympics combined?  Well, we’ve got it in the show for you,” concluded the director.

Audiences should expect nonstop, action-packed hilarity. Expect to find something to laugh about during every skit. This show literally covers all the sports ever created from the dawn of time until now.  Plus, Halifax County Little Theatre has arranged for some very prominent figures from the sporting world to come to some of the shows. Exact dates aren’t set, but they will be in the audience. Also, we’ll need some volunteers from the audience, and one lucky volunteer gets to learn how they test for performance enhancing drugs during the Olympics.

Tickets are on sale now at and at The Prizery Box Office at 572-8339. “The Complete World of Sports (Abridged)” opens Friday and continues its run with evening shows on Feb. 22, 27, 28 and March 1 and a special matinee on Sunday, Feb. 23, at 3 p.m.  Tickets for adults are $12, and student tickets are $8. 

Get tickets now for an absolutely humorous and jubilant evening with Halifax County Little Theatre.