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Props present dilemmas

Where do you go to find a vuvuzela when you need one? How many bet’leths does it take for a Klingon battle game? How much fur does it take to make a cave man outfit that won’t offend audience members attending a production? 

A group of local women is having to deal with these and hundreds of other questions as they gather over a hundred props and costume articles for Halifax County Little Theatre’s latest production, “The Complete World of Sports (abridged)” which opens Feb. 21 for a two weekend run.

The show comes from the same minds that created “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged),” which was a big success for the group several years ago. One thing both shows have in common is non-stop action and lots of laughs. 

Sandy Slayton, Emily Martin and Erin Thackston have been searching for (and sometimes making) the items required to demonstrate the dozens of sports everyone loves and a few that may not be familiar to anyone. The results are an entertaining evening for all ages. 

It is not even important that viewers are sports fans, as little knowledge of events is required. The three-member cast moves at a quick pace from one event to another, and their quick changes include both uniforms and equipment. 

Sandy Slayton has been calling on all of her acquaintances to find needed items and says, “I never thought I would be out looking for a bet’leth.” 

Don’t know what a bet’leth is? You obviously need the educational benefits of this show. In addition to this item she has found a Hurley stick, numerous sports headgear (including a fan’s hat with drink holders on both sides) and apparel for every sports season. 

Martin and Thackston also have been calling on friends everywhere for additional items as well as burning up the Internet for a few hard-to-find items. 

Is it possible to find a way for an Olympic diver to high dive into a cup of water and come out unhurt? They have to find a way or find a new diver for each performance. 

Martin said, “Some of these events are really dangerous such as the javelin catching and numerous events involving sharp blades.” 

She also is concerned about the large number of costume changes that must be made to demonstrate all of the sports with only three cast members. 

Thackston said, “I have had to be creative in making a toga, a Jedi robe, flowered swim caps and a WNBA shirt. Can you imagine a production that uses all of these in one show?”

But audiences don’t have to imagine.  They just have to call or go by The Prizery to get a ticket.  The show opens Feb. 21 for six performances: Friday through Sunday afternoon for the first weekend, and Thursday through Saturday evenings for the second.   

Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students, and there is something to tickle every funny bone.  Call 572-8339 or go to