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‘The Man Who Saved Christmas’ final performances this weekend

As the saying goes, “It takes a village!”  

With almost any endeavor, whether large or small, there’s usually a lot more happening than meets the eye.  Never is this more prevalent than in the case of a theatrical production.  There can be literally dozens of people making things work both on stage and off.  In other words, there’s a symphony of people all working simultaneously to make a single note.     

Stephen Harmon, a musician with the production who plays the trumpet, says the rehearsal process has been demanding, but he has enjoyed meeting other musicians who share his passion of music.  

“It has been a hectic process to say the least. There have been lots of hours of practice and rehearsals. It is different playing with vocalists because you have to ensure that they are heard, and you are the background in certain areas of the music,” Harmon said.  

Another musician, Michelle Heath, who plays the French horn, agrees that interacting with other musicians has been her favorite aspect of the show.  

Heath said, “The most enjoyable part has obviously been playing in the musical but also meeting new people.”  

Seasoned Halifax County Little Theatre and Halifax County High School actress Emily Martin auditioned for “The Man Who Saved Christmas” because she loves history and the time period of the story.  

“I thought this show, since it’s a period piece, would be fun because I love history,” Martin said.  

Furthermore, Martin believes that reminiscing about times past – and sharing this experience with family and friends – is one of the main reasons people should attend the show.  

“This show is a great one for all ages; I think it will bring back memories for older generations, and the younger ones can learn some important lessons about love and family,” she said.

 Alto saxophone player, Micaela Berry, agrees.  

“I love being able to share the love of theater and music with the rest of the cast and orchestra, and I love to be able to interact with the different people of the community who come to see the shows,” she said.

Jared Sutphin, another trumpeter for the production, is working on his very first HCLT musical and appreciates what instruments add to the overall impact of the show.

“I really enjoyed playing my instrument to add an extra effect to the performance,” he said.

For Stephanie Flowers, a veteran of Halifax County Little Theatre productions, being able to let loose and have fun have added to her delight in working on “The Man Who Saved Christmas.”

“Most roles and ensemble parts I’ve played have been very sedate and more serious. In this show I’ve had the chance to be a bit more silly, and the ensemble numbers are so fun,” Flowers said.

For tenor saxophone player Jonathan Berry, he has once again been able to befriend others in the region who he might not have been able to had he not signed on the “The Man Who Saved Christmas.”  

Berry said, “Like all HCLT shows, the whole experience has been a lot of fun. I have enjoyed meeting new people from our community. I often say that without [Halifax County] Little Theatre productions, I am not sure that I would have ever met some of the wonderful people that I know here in Halifax and the surrounding area.”

Gregory Braund, another stage first-timer, sums the production up best. 

 “A wonderful feel good musical for all family members. A get ready for Christmas storyline with a heartfelt, love story subplot. The songs are humorous and catchy and can be enjoyed by all.  The local talent is really quite phenomenal. Everyone has worked very hard and put their hearts into it. I hope everyone takes the time out of their busy holiday schedule to come and see us,” Braund said.

From newbie to old-timer, musician to actor, and all that lies in between, it really does take all types and kinds of individuals to make a performance come together.   

The public is encouraged to bring friends and family and see this “village” work together to put on a show. 

“The Man Who Saved Christmas” has its final two performances on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets may be purchased at The Prizery box office in person at 700 Bruce St., South Boston or by calling (434) 572-8339, or at Halifax County Little Theatre’s website,