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Meet the men behind ‘Elvis’

The King, the Pelvis, or just simply, Elvis, all describe an American icon, Elvis Presley. His slicked back hair, the sway of his thrusting hips and that deep voice that can make even the most uptight woman swoon all helped catapult him into stardom.

When Elvis passed in 1977, many have tried to keep the legend going by impersonating him and his iconic characteristics. However, Elvis impersonating may have begun even earlier according to Halifax County Little Theatre’s latest production, “Elvis Has Left the Building.” 

In this show, Elvis has indeed disappeared, and his manager, the Colonel Tom Parker, has no idea where he is and needs him for a command performance. What’s a desperate man to do? Get an Elvis impersonator, of course. 

The Colonel calls on Candy, his streetwise friend who owes him a favor, and Roscoe, the Colonel’s hapless, but Elvis-loving lackey, to help him create the perfect replacement for the King. Portraying these wacky characters are Halifax County Little Theatre veterans, Kenny Carr and Jonny Berry.

Carr’s character, Candy, is the Colonel’s best friend and is shrewd, suave and the voice of reason within the Colonel’s office.  He is often the one to talk the Colonel out of crazy ideas, but he soon finds himself in Elvis’ shoes while trying to help the Colonel, which has been Carr’s favorite part of playing Candy. 

“It’s fun to try to become Elvis,” he said.

Audiences may remember Kenny from his performances in “Grease,” “Children of Eden,” “SUDS” and “A Christmas Carol.”  

Carr said he thinks the community will enjoy the show because it has a nostalgic feel. 

“It will stir up old memories for those who remember seeing Elvis perform while he was alive.” 

He’s also hoping for a good turnout because it will have audiences dying of laughter in their seats.

He also has enjoyed being a part of this production. 

“It’s been great to meet new people.”

Berry is playing Roscoe Banks, the Colonel’s assistant, and his favorite part about playing his character is that Roscoe is a completely outrageous character. 

“He’s a complete idiot, so that’s a lot of fun to work with. He’s also very easily persuaded and gullible.”

Berry’s previous experience with Halifax County Little Theatre has included all aspects of involvement. He has acted, directed and produced. His most recent show, in which he acted and directed, was “I Love You and You and You.”

On this production, he said, “This is my first show working with director Becky Donner, and she has a clear vision for the show, which is good to work with.” 

He also noted that working with a small cast is a completely different dynamic - it’s a more laidback atmosphere.

Both men are excited for audiences to come see how Roscoe and Candy manage to help the Colonel get out of jam and enjoy laughing for two hours. 

“Elvis Has Left the Building” opens on Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m. and runs Feb. 16, 21, 22, 23 at 7:30 p.m. and for one afternoon performance on Feb. 17 at 3 p.m. 

For tickets, call The Prizery box office at 572-8339 or visit or