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Humor, strong values part of new ‘Snow White’ production

Most grownups when they recall their earliest childhood memories have a few stories that bring good feelings and experiences. For many those are fairy tales featuring a beautiful princess and her handsome prince. 

One of the most well known is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This story of an innocent young girl and her wicked stepmother is a staple of the genre. 

The Halifax County High School Drama Department is currently bringing a new version of the story, “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forrest” to the local audience. It is a very family friendly version featuring an element of humor and strong values messages.

The production features a number of actors who have put in a great many hours to create characters who will please the target audience of young viewers. A key player in the production is Alishia Ewell who plays Miss On Time, the narrator and resident comedy provider for the show. Time has a great many roles in the telling of the story, and Ewell is ever present with her commentary and assistance. This is the third year the junior actress has had a major role in a school production being last seen in the school’s production of “Pinocchio.”  Ewell also has worked with the competition play program and received rave reviews from audiences and judges for her part in “Elephant’s Graveyard.”

Snow White of course needs a kingly father figure, and that is provided by newcomer Christian Roach. In this case the King is aptly named Absent Minded and is played for laughs by Roach. He brings a great deal of experience to the stage, having appeared in several Halifax County Little Theatre Shows including the upcoming musical, “Tom Sawyer.” He is sure to be a crowd favorite just trying to remember which character is his new wife and exactly what his daughter’s name is. 

No Snow White story would be complete without dwarfs and this one has a lively group. One,” Weepy,” is always overcome by emotion even if it is only over what to have for breakfast. Playing this emotionally challenged individual is Jessica Hinds. Hinds is also a veteran of the HCHS stage and also was featured in last year’s “Pinocchio.” Hinds and her short cohorts have some real surprises in store for those attending the play. This is an unusual assortment of little people and played for as many laughs as possible. Hinds shines as a member of the group.

As with many fairy tales, there are some animals who help the heroine in times of trouble and provide friendship when needed. Deyssi Gutierrez and Sydney Little are two additions to the cast who represent the non-human world. Playing a bunny and a wise owl, the pair are entertaining and help move the story along. Snow White is often surrounded by humans who are either inept or dangerous. Without the help of the animals, Snow White would never have been rescued by the dwarfs or been able to survive the Queen’s wrath. 

These young actresses and actors and a large contingent of supporting cast are working to create a wonderful live performance of a favorite story. Young audiences and their older friends and family will love the presentation and the work of over 25 actors and a large contingent of supporting workers. 

Shows are Nov. 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. with one morning matinee on Saturday, Nov. 3, at 10 a.m. This is a great opportunity for families to have a fun outing and stay within a budget. All tickets are only $5 and available at the door on show days. 

It’s time to make memories that will be part of family gatherings for years to come. All ages will love “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest.”