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Prizery raising funds for 2014 Summer Theater

With summer just around the corner, The Prizery is once again gearing up for its annual Summer Theater featuring the timeless classic “Les Miserables.”

In an effort to fund this production, The Prizery has started a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $25,000.

“Many thespians and theatre-goers alike share this dream.  Young theatre students grow up with the dream of being in ‘Les Miséreables.’  When I first saw ‘Les Misérables’ over 20 years ago, I thought about how exciting it would be to produce this show in our community one day,” said Prizery Artistic Director Chris Jones.  

Situated in the rolling hills of the Piedmont, South Boston is a growing destination for tourists with a penchant for the arts.  It is also home to The Prizery’s Chastain Theatre where “Les Misérables” will be staged, Jones added.

The Prizery will give 40 local theatre students and 20 professional theatre performers and theatre artists from outside the community the dream opportunity of creating “Les Misérables” this summer. Rehearsals will begin on June 2, and “Les Miserables” will open on July 11 and close on July 20. 

“The young professionals will live in our community for seven weeks and help to mentor the local theatre students,” Jones explained.  

“Together we will Dream the Dream.  From creating every note of the beautiful, passionate score to stitching each costume and painting each set piece, we will make this dream a reality,” he added.

“Les Misérables” is a huge show to produce, and Summer 2014 marks The Prizery’s fifth year of producing live semi-professional theatre, and they are up to the challenge, according to Jones.

“We have learned many valuable lessons over the last five years in actually putting together a professional company. We have consistently and successfully breathed life into large-scale productions on our small stage beset with its technical limitations,” Jones said. 

In addition to staging, one of the more challenging aspects of producing “Les Misérables” is finding the best vocalists who can expertly execute the brilliant but complicated music and maintain good vocal health during the process.

  Jones said The Prizery has hired April Hill as music director to manage all aspects of the musical process. 

Hill is currently a member of the music theatre faculty at Elon University and will bring her expertise in theatre vocal styles to The Prizery for the summer. 

The design team of Jones and Ernelle Bellamy remains the same as in years past providing continuity and the ability to build on past artistic challenges and successes, Jones said. 

Those interested in supporting The Prizery can visit and pledge a minimum of $1. 

Those who pledge  $25 or more   will receive a color photo from Summer Theater signed by the professional cast members, while supporters pledging $75 or more will receive a Prizery baseball cap with “The Prizery’ written on the front plus the signed color photo. 

Those who pledge $150 or more will receive a Summer Theater T-shirt along with the baseball cap and colored photo.  

A CD of Summer Theater photos plus the baseball cap, T-shirt and colored photo is what’s in store for those who donate $250 or more.  

Those who pledge $500 more will receive a Prizery sippy cup with Summer Theater logos along with baseball cap, T-shirt, colored photo and picture CD, while those donating $1,500 or more will receive a voucher for eight tickets to “Les Miserables” plus the baseball cap, T-shirt, signed colored photo, sippy cup and picture CD.