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‘Beehive’ making return April 25 for 10 performances

It’s back!  It’s big!  It’s “BEEHIVE!” Halifax County Little Theatre’s production of the 60’s rock musical created by Larry Gallagher that shook the high school stage 10 years ago is coming back.  

Opening April 25 for 10 performances, the show promises all the over-the-top music and dance that brought down the house the first time.  

Director Victoria Thomasson is again at the helm of this musical extravaganza that broke all attendance records for Little Theatre in 2004, only this time the production will be held at The Prizery.

Bob Thomasson is again musical director for the show, and he has the assistance of Jane Sibley as vocal director and Courtney Thomasson as vocal coach.  

“BEEHIVE” is all about the music and the women who made it.  The music of big names, like Tina Turner, Cher, Connie Francis, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark, Carole King and more will be featured.  These “divas” were the center of the music universe back then, and Halifax County Little Theatre has women to play those parts and sing their hearts out on stage.

Featured as the Divas of “BEEHIVE” are eight women who bring different musical talents to the stage.  Carolyn Dunn, Tasha Dyer, Sharron Garrett, Cecil Fisher Hazelwood, Victoria Palmer, Ashley Smith, Vecentia Williams and Kelly Worley take on the mantle of “Diva” and live up to the name.  

They are working five and six days a week already to perfect the music, the moves and the attitude of the women who changed the musical world.  

Added to the Divas are the Do-Wops and the Dancers.   The background singers created all the great harmonies of the famous songs, and the dancers made the performances a visual treat to behold.  

“BEEHIVE’s female Do-Wops and Dancers will be Dawn Adams, Sarah Collie, Erica Grubbs, Jill Bradley-Hall, Lauren Tetterton, Joy Cunningham, Sandy McPhearson and Keely Wheeler.  

The male performers are Ronnie Bennett, Antonio Callands, Kirk Compton, Mario Sadler and Roger Thaxton Jr.  

Helping all those dancers find the right moves on stage and rehearsing them to perfection are Patricia Ricketts and Pat Crew.  These two have worked many shows in the past and are lending their talents to make the show a visual delight.  

One of the aspects of the original production that made the show such a hit was the incredible sound of the live band on stage.  The Thomasson duo again will be using a live band to rock out the big sounds.  This band will include Bob Thomasson on piano, Ray Crawley on keyboard, Tony Thomas on bass, John Sibley on saxophones, flute and rhythm guitar, Ricky Whitlow on lead guitar, Ben Pinkston on drums and Kennedy Dyer on percussion.  

Jesse Barksdale in charge of set design, assisted by his wife, Veronna, and Vicky Thomasson, and also will head up the team of carpenters to build the mighty set.  

Chris Elliott is designing the lighting, assisted by Drew Granger on special lighting effects.  Chris Hatcher is heading up sound design, which is so important with all the music coming from so many sources.  

There are loads of other people already working hard and fast to make sure this show comes together by the April 25 opening.  Tickets are currently on sale at The Prizery for $16 for adults and $8 for students.  Call 572-8339 or go to because this show will sell out fast.   Season ticket holders are also encouraged to reserve their seats early so they can get the show date and seats of their choice.  And for many people, seeing this show once is not enough. 

In addition to evening performances on two Friday and Saturday nights during the run of the show, there will be four matinees:  two on Saturday afternoons (April 26 and May 3) and two on Sunday afternoons (April 27 and May 4).  Evening shows also include a Tuesday night on the 29th and Thursday, May 1.  That equals 10 performances or 10 chances to see and “re-see” “BEEHIVE.”  Remember, it’s back; it’s big; it’s “BEEHIVE!”